Hey, I'm Geoff! Welcome to my website! This is just a personal site - me messing around with HTML, javascripts, and Photoshop. As an Eagle Scout and avid traveler, I love the outdoors. I've been to 45 different states and spent one of my past summers in Alaska's wilderness. I'm a student at Rose-Hulman studying for a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering! I'm all about random shenanigans and love meeting new people!

I would also like to thank my members for their support and abundance of donations to help pay for the site's domain. Quite frankly, I don't really understand why people are giving donations (or even joining my site), but I greatly appreciate it! Besides that, I hope you enjoy your stay!

P.S. Don't judge me, I know I'm geeky 


Recent songs I listen to.  This is automatically updated through a synced playlist I have on Grooveshark.  Enjoy listening to some good tunes!! Pop Out Music